Hello! We are Really Nice Gardens, a collaboration between two garden designers Sam and Cathy.  We share a client focused approach to creative development and customer service.  Beyond that we are very different, which we think is a good thing in creative business. What we both have though, is a love of really nice gardens and a belief that if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space to enjoy, you should really make the most of it.

Really Nice Gardens: Broomwood


Really Nice Gardens: Wimbledon


Really Nice Gardens: Merton Park

Merton Park


Really Nice Gardens: Belsize


Really Nice Gardens: Chelsea Courtyard

Chelsea Courtyard


The Common



Old Town


Wandsworth Common

Balham Park

Battersea Roof

Clapham Southside

Really Nice Gardens: Parsons Green

Parsons Green

Really Nice Gardens: Dale


Garden Design

If you are looking to re-design your existing garden, create a new garden where there wasn’t one before, you’re moving house and need a fresh start, wondering if that flat roof can become your new sun trap or your garden simply doesn’t work the way you want it to… we can help.

Planting Plans

Sometimes you have just one or two borders that need reworking. It's a tricky site where nothing seems to grow, you've realised your fingers are definitely not green or you’ve decided only pink will do this year. Whatever the reason we can transform your garden one border at a time.

Garden Dressing

Whilst making lovely gardens we’ve had to spend hours sourcing really nice garden stuff. As a result we’re quite good at it. Whether it's furniture, planters or a teal bird box we probably know how to get hold of what you want. If it needs to be bespoke we can help with that too.

Plant Sourcing

We love plants but we know they can be bamboozling to buy. All those long names can really get in the way of a garden full of lovely stuff. We know enough of the Latin to make it easy to choose, enough care labels to know what will work and enough nurseries to make it cheaper for you.