Merton Park

The addition of a granny flat at the end of the garden meant a complete overhaul of this family’s outside space. We worked along side Andrew Dobson Architects to create a minimal, sleek garden that would give each property it’s own space whilst providing a safe environment for the children to play in and, a much needed refuge, to retreat to and unwind from busy schedules.

The garden is essentially divided into two main areas; one for the main house which includes the existing terrace and large lawn bordered with generous planting beds, and one for the granny flat which doubles as a play space and includes a smaller lawn and terrace for an otherworldly play house. A streamlined Limestone path connects the two spaces and provides structure and continuity. Lush borders incorporate varieties of ornamental grasses which create a contemporary feel amongst the colourful perennials and shrubs.

It was important that the garden remained modern, tidy and functional throughout the year so we opted for artificial grass for both lawns. A large raised planting bed divides the two, providing a screened off area for football nets and a degree of privacy for each space. A chunky arch structure serves as both a double swing and punch bag stand for some stress busting workouts.


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