This large Wimbledon garden was in need of a contemporary make over to incorporate a modern garden room and to bring it in line with the interiors of the house. The garden and pilates studio, which the garden room was to become, are a haven for this busy family and needed to reflect their personalities, providing them all a space to retreat to, together and individually. Not forgetting the extended family of 5 dogs and a cat.

Parts of the garden had already been altered and with plenty of level changes it was challenge to integrate the old and the new. When you are planning a garden studio it is important to think about the whole scheme to avoid it looking like an afterthought. With consideration it can blend easily with its surroundings rather than dominating the space. Working with existing trees and levels will give your new garden office or studio instant maturity.

We love the varying heights of planting that give a jungly vibe, helped by the existing bank of bamboo screening, both guaranteeing the garden feels secluded and private.  Although the site was unusual it gave us the opportunity to play with levels, shapes, colour and water to create lush oasis that lets you forget you are in the city. It was also a great reminder that modern gardens can have plenty of curves.

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