The creative owner of this city courtyard garden wanted a space that felt welcoming, verdant and gave her the attractive vista she was craving whilst working from home. It’s a small space but needed to perform as a kitchen extension as well as a garden.

The fireplace is the focal point, outside and from inside the house, but it’s not just there to look good. These fires create a wonderful atmosphere and heat source and this one is used frequently with family and friends. They also make great barbecues and the clients often hold gatherings, braving the inclement weather with the protection of a shade sail. The advantage of the pocket size is that you can cover the whole garden.

Raised beds make the optimum planting areas when space is tight. You can create a functional and neat garden that still bursts with foliage and colour. Raising the level of the planting gives it more impact without having to encroach too much into the precious floor space. It is still important to divide a small garden and not to keep your greenery just to the edges. A divided garden will give you designated areas with much more usability.

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