As every garden is different, our process and involvement is tailored to suit your project. The following is a guide to our standard design process for residential projects:

  • Brief
    A detailed design brief is agreed between client and designer and based on an in depth consultation and study of the site.

  • Survey
    A topographical site survey, outsourced to a surveyor, or for smaller sites, completed in house.

  • Concept Design
    Initial proposals include a sketch plan of the garden, 3D visuals, material and planting themes.

  • Detailed Design
    Fully specified layout plans and construction details based on the agreed concept.

  • Tender
    Tender packages as required.

  • Planting Plan
    Planting schedules, plans and accompanying photos.

  • Project Management
    We offer a project management service to take the project to completion which includes overseeing the hard and soft landscaping and procurement of materials, plants and trees.

  • Aftercare
    A new garden takes time to settle and our involvement does not stop when the garden is built and planted. We love to see our gardens mature and to answer any questions that may arise. We offer plant care guides personalised to your project.

Remote Design

For smaller gardens and city plots we offer remote design services which range from online consultation sessions to our full remote design package.

Some clients come to us for guidance on their own plans or have a smaller garden or budget that benefits from less on site involvement from us. Our approach to your project is the same but we start the process remotely with an online consultation and your site survey. Get in touch to discuss your project.