Things We Want / No.1

The unfortunate thing about finding accessorise for your clients, that perfect green bench or those Moroccan lanterns you saw a year ago, is that you undoubtably find a 101 ‘treats’ that you simply must have for your own garden, totally impractical or not. That is why most of my blogs will undoubtably be about these garden items that I see that I think are too cool to keep to myself.

So right now I am incredibly excited about this:

No explanation needed… its a wheelbarrow and a comfy looking seat designed by Chris Eckersley. Working hard in the garden, stopping for a much needed cup of tea but you’ve uprooted the lawn and there’s nowhere to sit….you know the rest. As long as you don’t mind getting a muddy behind that is. Ok, it’s not very work orientated and the wheelbarrow I own would probably serve as a chair too but this one looks a lot cooler.