Echinacea 'Intermezzo'

Echinacea ‘Intermezzo’ – Plant of the Month

A recent addition to some of our planting plans is this beautiful variety of orange coneflower. The striking flower of Echinacea ‘Intermezzo’ forms large pom-poms which will attract bees and butterflies into your garden. Upright and colourful, it will be a useful addition to any late summer or prairie style border. 

Plant of the Month – July

Ahh Stipa…we love you so! A consistent favourite for RNG, you will find Stipa tenuissima in many of our gardens. It’s reliable (in the right position) and impactful, stunning in it’s own right but also a great backdrop or companion for other plants. Beautiful texture and movement whilst being very easy to maintain…it is incredibly versatile. Plant this short grass […]

Plant of the Month – June

If you have the space for a vigorous climber on a sunny wall or fence, it’s worth considering the Chilean potato tree. Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ becomes absolutely smothered in small purple and yellow flowers from June – Sept and is fantastic for providing attention grabbing colour at eye level in the garden. Despite it’s common […]

Three Allotments at Chelsea 2016

We saw some beautiful gardens at Chelsea Flower Show this year with some enviable plant and colour combinations. Geum were very favourable with the designers and a must have summer flowering perennial for anyone wanting to re-create the planting trends. As ever, we enjoyed visiting the Show, Artisan and Fresh gardens but what unexpectedly caught our […]

Plant of the Month – May

A common request we receive when compiling our planting plans is for alliums, they are on everybody’s list, and quite rightly too. Structural, unique, low maintenance…they have so many benefits in the garden. Although there are many varieties of allium we love, we can not catalogue our recommended plants without including Allium ‘Globemaster’.  Massive purple globes […]

Warm Welcome

The fruits of our bulb planting labour are beginning to show themselves with the beautifully bright, early tulip ‘Orange Emperor’. Just the burst of colour needed in these warm spring days and a great contrast to all the fresh green foliage shooting up. It gets us excited about what’s on the back burner. Lots more to come but […]

Plant of the Month – April

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ features consistently in our planting plans. The beautiful heart shaped silver leaves give great structure in the border and it’s one of the first perennials to bloom in spring with pretty forget me knot style flowers.  Perfect for shady borders and woodland planting schemes. We love it!

Plant of the Month – March

This compact Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella’ is a perfect shrub for any shady border. Extremely low maintenance, it produces red berries in winter and fragrant white flowers in early spring from pinky buds. Plus as it’s evergreen it looks good all year round, a very useful addition to any garden. N.B. If you want to see […]

Sort your seeds

It’s time to sort out your seeds by sowing month. It probably doesn’t sound very exciting to some, but we believe not many things are more satisfying than successfully growing from seed, nurturing the little seedlings as they grow and reaping the benefits in a short timeframe. For those with little space, time or just beginners […]

Plant of the Month – February

The vivid yellow flowers of Forsythia × intermedia are a welcome sight in early spring when not much else is making an appearance. The smothering of flowers is followed by lovely bright green leaves. A must have for those with a sunny disposition!