Warm Welcome

The fruits of our bulb planting labour are beginning to show themselves with the beautifully bright, early tulip ‘Orange Emperor’. Just the burst of colour needed in these warm spring days and a great contrast to all the fresh green foliage shooting up. It gets us excited about what’s on the back burner. Lots more to come but […]

Sort your seeds

It’s time to sort out your seeds by sowing month. It probably doesn’t sound very exciting to some, but we believe not many things are more satisfying than successfully growing from seed, nurturing the little seedlings as they grow and reaping the benefits in a short timeframe. For those with little space, time or just beginners […]

Bulb Planting for Spring

Now is the perfect time to be planting your bulbs. Tulipa ‘Orange Emperor’ and Allium ‘Forelock’ are amongst our favourites this year. We can’t wait to see them come up in spring and early summer after all the back breaking bulb planting.

Bee Friendly this Spring

We should all be aware that our native bumblebees have been rapidly declining in recent years. These trusty pollinators play a vital roll in our wildlife so wouldn’t it would bee nice to give something back and turn around the trend? The good news is we can all help the cause by introducing bee friendly plants into our […]

Plant of the Month: March

Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ is an easy-to-grow and robust evergreen, perfect for shrub borders or planters. Its deep pink buds open up into tiny white flowers from December to April, brightening up your garden whilst you wait for Spring to kick in. The pretty flowers are then followed by purple berries.

Plant of the Month: February

Helleborus niger or Christmas Rose is one of the earliest flowering plants; this useful little evergreen can brighten up shady areas in the garden. This particular variety has dark foliage, contrasted by simple upturned white flowers which stand loud and proud on those dreary Feb days.

Plant of the Month: January

Our Really Nice Plant of the month is the Cornus sanguinea ‘Magic Flame’. Cornus are fantastic for Winter interest in the garden. This deciduous shrub reveals bright orange and red stems after shedding it’s leaves, which also redden in Autumn.  Colours best in full sun but will cope with partial shade.   

Neighbourly Love

Now as someone who had a wonderfully religious upbringing I know very well not to covet my neighbours’ goods… Fortunately I don’t have to as my lovely neighbour to the right grows all sorts of things that creep over our boundary and look like they are mine anyway. And even better – she grows things […]