Take a Second Look

One of the things we’ve always said at Really Nice Gardens is that if you have an outside space to enjoy you should really make the most of it.  Well – sometimes you don’t…and why should that mean you can’t still surround yourself with plants in all their gorgeousness ?  Well – where there’s a […]

Olympic Meadows

I had been looking forward to seeing the planting at the Olympic Park since June 2010. I can be that specific because that’s when I visited Hillier Tree Nurseries where they were preparing the 4000 containerised trees that form an integral part of the naturalistic design. The trees, mostly native varieties, were grown in the […]

Southbank Rooftop Oasis

I popped along to have a look at the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden at the weekend…my advice is thus: If the sun is out…wait what am I saying…if it’s not raining and you can stand outside without wearing a coat – take a long lunch break, organise a meeting with yourself or just take […]

A Nesting Nook

My desk is situated in front of a window which in some ways is delightful but in other ways very counter productive. Especially recently when I find myself staring out, looking for signs of spring in the garden.  The cold weather of late means I do this more regularly and wear a bobble hat at […]

As a Rule I Don’t Like Blogs

Is anyone really interested in what I am doing? I wouldn’t presume they are which has lead me to decide that if I am going to do this then it is going to be about really nice stuff I see around Brighton, Sussex, London – or wherever else I happen to be.