Garden Design

If you are looking to completely redesign your existing garden, create a new garden where there wasn’t one before, you’re moving house and need a fresh start, wondering if that flat roof can become your new sun trap or your garden simply doesn’t work the way you want it to…we can help.

We produce full hand drawings, computer generated plans and 3D visuals, planting concept drawings, detailed planting plans, lighting plans and construction detailing packs.  We can work with your architect or contractor if you are in the middle of a full house refurbishment or we can work with a third party landscape contractor to turn our plans into reality. We produce full planting plans and source all required planting including personal selection of mature trees and shrubs.  We can also source exterior furniture and accessories.

If you only want to rethink a section of your garden we are happy to work with what you’ve got already.  We can also provide a staged plan option, whereby we produce a master plan for the whole garden that is then worked on in sections.

Front gardens – they have the tendency to become dumping grounds for rubbish and recycling when they often have the best light. If you are selling your property, want to increase your privacy or simply disguise your bins we can help you make the most of your front garden. We have some great ideas for transforming the smallest of spaces.

Every project is different so for more information on our process please contact us directly.